Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Project SysPlace about "Blended Interaction with Device Ecosystems" Finished

End of Febuary 2017, the project SysPlace  had its final review. It had several very interesting results for future plug-and-play software architectures in the internet of things:
  • A set of "Blended Interaction Patterns" for the communication between mobile and stationary devices. This set of patterns has been published by Hochschule Mannheim, Prof. Köhler ( It contains a very orthogonal and consistent pattern language for the design of modern multi-device applications
  • Many case studies based on the pattern catalogue have been realized with our system "Smart Application Grids (SMAGS)" of Christian Piechnick. SMAGS has a new release. If you are interested, read a blog entry in the SMAGS blog, how to implement blended interactions (in German)
Welcome to the world of blended interaction within an ecosystem of devices.

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